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Genuine Telecom

At Genuine Telecom, our goal is to provide our community with the best phone, internet and TV services available in the market.

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Phone Service

At Genuine Telecom we have many options for phone service including local, extended community, long distance, and low-income assistance. Read more...

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Internet Service

Genuine Telecom has high-speed, 100% fiber-optic internet access to offer its customers. Read more...

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Digital TV

At Genuine Telecom we specialize in digital TV with premium channels, special packages, HDTV, Music and watch TV everywhere options. Read more...

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Mission Statement:

At Genuine Telecom (GT), our mission is to deliver cutting-edge technology to our customers and communities, providing exceptional customer care while connecting people and providing solutions. As is our tradition, we will continuously explore opportunities for development while keeping the business stable and viable for decades to come as the area’s leading provider enriching rural communities. At the heart of GT is our vision to be the rural technology provider most admired for its service, products and performance.

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Genuine Telecom

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Genuine Telecom

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Genuine Telecom

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