WISC CBS Madison, channel 3 is now playing WKBT CBS LaCrosse until Madison can get a new antenna.

WISC CBS Madison

WISC CBS Madison is putting in a new antenna on their building. The antenna they currently have is very lower power and it will affect how good of a signal we can receive. We will make sure to keep everyone updated on the progress.

Predicted Sun Outages

Please be aware that during the times listed below, we will experience degraded or complete channel signal loss as the sun moves through our satellite reception arc.

Sun Outage Prediction - Fall 2019

         Date                   Start               End

10/7/2019           11:00am          5:00pm

10/8/2019           11:00am          5:00pm

10/9/2019           11:00am          5:00pm

10/10/2019         11:00am          5:00pm

10/11/2019         11:00am          5:00pm

10/12/2019         11:00am          5:00pm





NOTICE! Genuine Telecom is NOT dropping the WMSN FOX channel.

The message scrolling across the bottom of your screen is for Direct TV and AT&T customers only!

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